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mardi 18 mai 2010

D-5 : When I fall for John Locke

I dunno exactly when it happened because as i said first it was Sawyer who "caught" me but then i started to see this man who just trusted this mysterious island, a man of faith and when he chose Booboone to be his disciple, i was 'jealous" because i wanted to be his lol I fall for LOST because of John Locke, i never fall so hard for a show 'cause of a character shown me how beautiful the island was, i just knew if i was on the island and it could be Jack vs Locke, no matter how crazy his ideas could be or his faith on the island, i could just follow him with blind eyes. John Locke was the reason i never stopped to love and be amazed by LOST. Now, he's dead but what he tried to show to Jack for years finally worked, for me a part of Locke "lives" in Jack but I still wish he could be the one to be here and show people what the island really is.

R.I.P. John Locke, man of faith, you made me fall for LOST so hard and I thank you for that.
here one of the best amazing scene for Locke and when i watch it, i just simply cry and be amazed how he was a broken man and lose faith on the island an instant until the light (desmond lol) brings him to "life"

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