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lundi 17 mai 2010

D-6 : when LOST caught me

I started to watch LOST with "The Moth", I finished Smallville and i was let's try this new show my friend talk me about and i just FALL for Sawyer as fast i saw him, the bad boy, the asshole, with the Moth I was wow I like him lol then we got Confidence Man and i was I fall for him simply. I was touched by his storyline, My fav scene of this episode is when he tells Kate about the real Sawyer, i knew i couldn't stop to watch this show just 'cause i wanted to learn more about this man then I fall for Locke very fast too but today it was when LOST caught me and i wanted to share this story with you. Now let's remember this amazing episode with the LOST location and what Damon have to say about the character who will become one of the most popular on this show !

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