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mardi 4 mai 2010

Dominic Monaghan Interview

Did you have any theories on how 'Lost' was going to end and were you right? Was there anything you wanted to know that wasn't answered?

Yeah, 'cause we filmed the finale. Yeah, I think I was pretty close to what it eventually ended up being. Well, I don't know, because I've not seen the show all wrapped up yet, so it might explain some things that have not been answered yet. I think they're doing as best a job as they can do.

As the 'Lost' finale nears, do you have more people grilling you for spoilers?

Oh yeah, I get a lot of people on the street asking me over and over again about questions and I'm like, "Look, that's the equivalent of asking Huckleberry Finn what's happening in the new Mark Twain book." It's a character. I have no idea what's going on. It's just part of what I do, it's part of the job that I do. I'm always having to keep secrets from people, unfortunately.

Will we see Charlie again before the finale or in the finale? Will we get to see him wrap things up with Claire?

Yeah, you'll see Charlie again, I think. It's a well-written character, he's a tragic character and he died in a heroic way and people wanted to see that story get finished. I like how they dealt with Charlie in the show. I like that they really kind of kept him quite precious, and really a special Easter egg type character. I just think they dealt with him really well. There's some stuff with Claire, yeah, coming towards the finale. Obviously, Charlie had a relationship with Claire that's addressed a little bit as we get closer and closer to the finale.


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