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mardi 2 février 2010

Scoop from Kristin

Spoiler Chat: Lost's Terry O'Quinn Tells Us Something He's Not Supposed To!

Have you seen the new Lost promo? If so, have you managed to hinge your jaw back on yet?

To keep the spine-chilling teases going for tomorrow night's big final-season premiere, I can tell you that I just caught up with Terry O'Quinn in Hawaii, and he mentioned something so revealing about his role in the upcoming season, he asked me not to react for fear the show's producers (Team Darlton) would see. So what was it? And what did Matthew Fox say we'll find out about Jack and Claire (Emilie de Ravin)? Read on for the scoop on Lost, Fringe, The Vampire Diaries, The Office and more...

Megan in Toluca Lake: Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. The new Lost promo is insane. Will we really find out why they are on the Island? And what is up with Locke?

As you know, I just got back from the show's set in Oahu and I'll be hurling a whole slew of scoop at you tomorrow, plus posting the first Lost Redux tomorrow night. But in the meantime, can we just talk about the awesomeness that is Terry O'Quinn?

In the promo above, you see that Terry's character will most likely be the one to reveal what the Island is, and what the whole show has been about. Holy. Freaking. Goosebumps. When I was on the set in Hawaii, I saw quite a few scoopy reveals (and signed a confidentiality agreement to go along with it), but I was kindly escorted off set before they shot a big night scene with Matthew Fox and Terry. Terry talks about that very scene in the video clip above and adds: "It was four pages of the history of the Island." How awesome does that sound?

As you know by now, Terry is playing someone other than John Locke when the show returns tomorrow night. So who is he? Terry's clue (which almost caught the eye of producer Carlton Cuse—whoopsie!) will give confirmation to some of you, and get others of you thinking. It's not too spoilery, but it's fun and it's all in the video at top. Keep reading down below for a little more Lost scoop...

Randall in Omaha: What did you think of the premiere?
More on that tomorrow, but it's probably my favorite episode since the pilot. If anyone of you were in Hawaii and saw it, let me know what you thought in the comments below (without giving away any spoilers, please!). And check back tomorrow for more scoop.

David in Rhode Island: Will there be resolution about Claire and Jack? Will he find out they're related?
According to Matthew Fox, yes! He says the fans will be satisifed and that will not be left hanging.

Edward in New York: Will Ben Linus get any more honest this season?
According to Michael Emerson, no. "I have always meant to be forthright, it's just that sometimes you get in a pinch and your mission requires that you fudge the truth a ilttle and get things done!" That said, when you meet the new big bad you will see that Ben is a cowering puppy dog in comparison.


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