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mardi 2 février 2010

TV guide article : 13 questions with the Lost Producers ! The show raises a lot of questions, but is there anything that fans have focused on that you never intended to be a big deal?
Cuse: The polar bears. We sort of felt like we explained the polar bears. We saw polar bear cages. We saw Sawyer locked in a polar bear cage. But people were still like, "What's up with those polar bears?" That seems to be kind of an obsession. Libby has also been an obsession.
Lindelof: The new obsession is basically, "How many questions are you guys going to answer?" And people are asking us that like Carlton and I are gonna go, "87. We're just not going to tell you which ones." Or, "What percentage of the mysteries are you going to answer?" But that doesn't take into account the fact that some people consider some things mysteries that other people don't consider mysteries at all or don't care about. So we basically say, every mystery that is relevant to the characters on [Flight] 815, if they don't care about it, then it's probably not going to be answered. So if it's relevant to them or they're asking a question, then it's something that we're going to deal with. But that's the story that we're telling. Is the reset going to be a theme of this season or are you playing with the audience?
Cuse: I think it wouldn't be Lost if we weren't playing with the audience a little bit, but by the end of the premiere, you'll have a sense of what we're doing. We're still doing the same thing we've always done on the show, which is island storytelling and off-island storytelling. It just now starts to take on a different form in the final season. Like every season, each season is a distinct entity, so by the end of the premiere, you should have a sense of what Season 6 is shaping up to be like.

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