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mardi 2 février 2010

New Josh Holloway interview (some spoilers)

Josh Holloway has survived for six years as James "Sawyer" Ford on Lost, but now he's facing the end as the series begins its seventh and final season tomorrow night on ABC.

The 40-year-old actor is kept almost as much in the dark about the show's mysteries as its fans, but he provided a few clues to's Jeanne Wolf as to what viewers can expect from his character.

The old "Sawyer" is back.
"He's definitely got his faults again. He's completely emotionally destroyed and does not care about life so much anymore. However, the lessons he's learned on the island and the humanity that he's been forced to acknowledge and grow with has come into play too. That's probably the only thing that will keep him from offing himself or something."

Going to extremes.
"For me, the entire journey of Lost has been walking that fine line between discovering Sawyer's humanity and, yet, keeping his edge of anger and destructiveness. He's been through every situation possible, emotionally and physically. Sometimes, it's been scary to get in touch with his growth, especially his relationship with Juliet. I really thought the audience might reject the softer side of Sawyer we saw in that. As for what will happen with him and Kate, all I can say is they have a love that is undeniable, but maybe it must be denied."

more of the interview here :

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