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mardi 2 février 2010

Video and article : Josh Holloway interview for USA TODAY

You can read the complete article on the link i'll just put fews part of it.

Where that leaves Sawyer and his fellow castaways, Holloway can't say, per orders to maintain secrecy. (Good luck with that. A bootleg version of a weekend Waikiki Beach screening of the first hour was posted online within hours.)

As it starts its final season, Lost likely will have to resolve Sawyer's relationship with Juliet and his still-smoldering feelings for Kate (Evangeline Lilly), which came between Sawyer and Juliet in the finale. The chemistry between Sawyer and Kate, who combine with Jack for a potent romantic triangle, has been there from the start, Holloway says.

"It was pretty much our first day of work where I shoot the polar bear and Kate gets the gun from me and then I grabbed her. The scene wasn't written that way. ... As she got close to me, I pulled her in close, and that's where it started. They said they saw sparks, so they went with it," he says.

source : USA TODAY

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